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Canada’s national broadcaster CBC switches 12,000 employees to Google Apps – and my top collection of links

May 17, 2013

We have got a load of tech related links to take a look at and various topics covering IOS, Windows Phone 7 8, Java (programming language), Google Play, IPhone 5 and Canada.

OK, the links are:

  • iOS Users Beg Apple: Set Our iPhones & iPads Free! – We’re still weeks away from Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) on June 10-14, but one thing’s for sure: Plenty of IPhone and IPad users are hoping for a fresh design and a more open, customizable experience” – []
  • BBC iPlayer is available to download for Windows Phone 8 now – We knew it was coming, but the BBC has finally launched iPlayer for Windows Phone 8″ – []
  • “Become an Insider to read the full article” – [7 steps to securing Java –]
  • “Google Play services get substantial API update today – One of the first things announced today during the Google I/O conference’s keynote was a bump to Google Play Services, the SDK that lets developers take advantage of Google services in their apps” – []
  • Limelight for iPhone lets you create and share lists of films you’ve watched and want to watch – “Courtesy of a new IOS app development agency called 9:42am – coincidentally (or not) the same time the iPhone was launched by Steve Jobs more than five years ago -Limelight is the first app off its proverbial conveyor belt. It’s also worth adding here that Oliver Cameron, co-founder of private social network Everyme (see previous coverage), is at 9:42am’s helm” – []
  • Canada’s national broadcaster CBC switches 12,000 employees to Google Apps – “Just a few days after we learned that the city of Boston had dropped Microsoft and switched 20,000 employees to Google Apps, Canada’s national broadcaster CBC announced today on Google’s Canada Blog that it has transitioned 12,000 employees to Google Apps in just 90 days” – []

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