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Google Play ‘Games’ fully revealed ahead of Google I/O – and more links to check out

May 13, 2013

We’ve got a lot of technology related links to look through and a number of topics covering IOS, IPad, Google Play, Apple TV, IPhone, Google+, Verizon Wireless and Windows 8.

Ok, why don’t we get going. All the links:

  • Flipboard updates iOS app with new profile pages, SMS sharing and ‘Friends’ category – “Flipboard has just released an interesting new version of its IOS application (via @Appsfire), just a few days after bringing its Android (operating system) app up to speed. The new iOS app, version 2.0.2, gives users refreshed profile pages that offer insights into their readership and curation activities” – []
  • “Now that iPads and other tablets have become popular with the mainstream, people have found all sorts of ways to carry them in public” – [The Top Ten Ways to Carry an iPad –]
  • “All the details regarding Google Play Games, the new home for gamers and Android’s response to iOS Game Center, has been revealed this weekend just days before Google I/O” – [Google Play ‘Games’ fully revealed ahead of Google I/O –]
  • “As for Google’s rumored over-the-top TV content business, Mingchi says an Apple TV-like competitor is on the way but delays due to a change to Nvidia Tegra from TI OMAP means we likely won’t see it at I/O” – [Android notebooks from Samsung to launch in 3-4 months as Google preps Apple TV competitor and smart watch? –]
  • “Hackers release modified T-Mobile carrier update file to amplify iPhone 5 cellular speeds (jailbreak unnecessary) – Just prior to the official launch of the iPhone, T-Mobile issued a carrier update to enable LTE, improve battery performance and add Visual Voicemail support” – []
  • Kissing Up to the Facebook and Google+ Algorithms – “It’s a relatively complex formula used by both Google+ and Facebook when determining whether or not to present a post to people in their feeds, but the process to master them is pretty simple” – []
  • Nokia s latest smartphone now officially has a date with Verizon Wireless: May 16″ – [Quick Note: Nokia Lumia 928 Coming to Verizon Wireless May 16 for $99* –]
  • Don’t believe the myths about Windows 8.1 ‘Blue’ – “Don’t believe the myths about Windows 8.1 ‘Blue’ Astounding amounts of misinformation are circulating on Windows ‘Blue,’ even in publications that should know better” – []

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