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Chart: When Apple Inc. and the S&P 500 parted company – and my top selection of links

March 30, 2013

I have got lots of tech related links to look over and a variety of topics covering Big data, IPad, S&P 500, IOS and App Store (iOS).

So without further ado, here are all the links:

  • “Nate Silver Gets Real About Big Data – While it has becomede rigueur to ascribe all sorts of supernatural powers to Big Data, one of the world’s most celebrated statisticians, Nate Silver, is far more circumspect about it” – []
  • IPad keyboard case review smackdown: Logitech Keyboard Folio vs. Belkin Ultraslim – “iPad keyboards helpedkickstart the move from content consumption on an iPad to creation” – []
  • “Chart: When Apple Inc. and the S&P 500 parted company – Chart: When Apple Inc. and the S&P 500 parted company By Philip Elmer-DeWittMarch 29, 2013: 7:08 AM ETAs the S&P 500 hits a record high, Apple is once again flirting with new lows” – []
  • “Citrix details Apple’s IOS IWork lead in enterprise adoption – Thursday, March 28, 2013, 01:40 pm Citrix details Apple’s iOS, iWork lead in enterprise adoption A report by Citrix notes that Apple’s iOS is not only the leading mobile platform globally, but is also experiencing the most growth in device enrollment, outpacing Windows Mobile and Android” – []
  • Apple’s China woes mount as Shanghai film studio reportedly sues it over unauthorized App Store (iOS) downloads – “Apple has once again found itself on the receiving end of litigation in China, this time initiated by a state-owned animation studio, reports the Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post. According to the Post,Shanghai Animation Film Studio is suing Apple to the tune of 3.3 million yuan (around US$500,000), accusing the Cupertino company of selling its movies in the App Store without proper approval” – []

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