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OS X app launcher Quicksilver ends its decade-long beta – plus my links selection

March 27, 2013

Plenty of exciting stuff today, from people such as Barack Obama and places like Europe.

So without further ado, here are the links:

– Fieldrunners 2 for Android (operating system) coming this April, sign-up for the closed beta – “It’s called Fieldrunners 2, natch, and it’s headed straight to Android at some point in April” – []

– “In the run up to this year’s The Next Web Conference Europe, we’ve been running Startup Awards competitions and meetups in countries across the continent over the past two months” – [Take a moment to meet and congratulate the winners of The Next Web’s European Startup Awards 2013 –]

– “Logitech announces new protective Keyboard Folios for IPad & iPad mini in multiple colors – Available for both the full-sized iPad and iPad mini, Logitech said its goal with the new Keyboard Folio and Keyboard Folio mini was to bring its “award-winning typing experience” to a case that offers high quality materials, a variety of colors, and “an extra layer of protection.”” – []
– “OS X app launcher Quicksilver (software) ends its decade-long beta – After years of development, a shift from closed source to open source, and the advent of popular competitors like Alfred, the OS X productivity tool Quicksilver is finally leaving behind the beta tag it has been carrying around since 2003″ – []
– “Google announced a major update today for its Google+ mobile apps today that, among a number of other features, brings some of Snapseed’s basic photo-editing enhancements to the IPhone app: Do basic edits like rotate and crop, as well as select filters like Drama and RetroluxAdjust saturation, contrast, brightness and lots more by sliding your fingers up-and-down, then left-and-rightSingle tap at any time to compare your creation with the originalGoogle isn’t entirely merging Snapseed into the Google+ apps, as it still recommends downloading its standalone Snapseed app for more advanced editing features” – [Google+ mobile apps updated with Snapseed editing features, new profile design, location sharing, and much more –]

– Obama names first woman director of Secret Service – “By Michael O’Brien and Kristen Welker, NBC NewsPresident Barack Obama appointed Julia Pierson as the next director of the U.S. Secret Service on Tuesday, making her the first woman to ever hold that role” – []

– “Chrome Web Store to get multi-platform app support for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, IOS and Chrome OS – According to the issue report, it will be available for the following platforms: win_rel android_dbg_triggered_tests linux_aura linux_rel linux_chromeos mac_rel android_dbg android_clang_dbg linux_chromeos_clang linux_clang mac ios_dbg_simulator ios_rel_device win win_rel win7_aura In other words, everything that the Chrome browser currently runs on (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS) as well as Chrome OS” – []


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