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Why Apple Really Needs To Kill It With iOS 7 – and more links to check out

March 14, 2013

I have got lots of tech related links to take a look at and various topics covering Google Play, NASA, China, IOS, Barack Obama and Google+.

Ok, why don’t we get started. The links:

– “We gave you guys a preview back during our hands-on with Project SHIELD at CES 2013 a few months back, now the Tegra optimized boxing title Real Boxing is finally available in the Google Play Store” – [Tegra Exclusive Real Boxing is now available on Google Play and it looks gorgeous –]

NASA Curiosity Rover’s Rock Sample Suggests Life on Mars – “NASA s Curiosity rover has found further proof that Mars could have, at one time, supported life” – []

– “White House asks China to stop hacking, pretty please – The Chinese government says these aren’t the hackers you’re looking for” – []
– “Why Apple Really Needs To Kill It With iOS 7 – Six years in, the polish is starting to rub off” – []
– “By Frank Thorp and Carrie Dann , NBC NewsFour thousand miles from the papal conclave in Rome, President Barack Obama and congressional Republicans held their own closed-door meeting Wednesday, as the president continued a high-profile campaign for bipartisan comity in Washington” – [Obama’s meeting with GOP conference: Cordial, but no white smoke of consensus –]

– “When Google announced today it was killing Google Reader on July 1st, just one thought crossed my mind: “I bet this has something to do with Google+.”” – [Former Google Reader product manager confirms our suspicions: Its demise is all about Google+ –]


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