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Google’s ‘confidential’ test could be super-dense LTE network on Clearwire spectrum – and more links to check out

January 27, 2013

I have got a load of tech related links to look over and various topics covering Google, Defendant, Samsung Galaxy Note, IPad and IPhone.

Okay, the links are:

  • Google‘s ‘confidential’ test could be super-dense LTE network on Clearwire spectrum Google has filed a request with the Federal Communications Commission for a license to test a wireless network on its Mountain View campus, and at least one observer believes the search giant is working on an LTE network of its own, possibly in preparation of entering the wireless provider sector on its own terms. Washington, D.C.-based consulting wireless engineer Steven Crowley writes on his personal site that the high level of confidentiality surrounding Google’s filings with the FCC is conspicuous, and that even the company’s request for confidential treatment has had portions redacted. The filings also contain a number of other oddly redacted areas, including the output power of the devices being tested. What leads Crowley to suspect an LTE network may be in the offing is a code supplied on the form” – [Google’s ‘confidential’ test could be super-dense LTE network on Clearwire spectrum –]
  • “Porn trolling firm accused of colluding with defendant in sham lawsuit – Porn-trolling failure: Prenda Law can’t ditch unhappy judge Porn troll, accused of ID theft, says defense lawyer made up client Porn troll facing ID theft charges wants judge off case Porn trolling firm dogged by identity theft allegations Defendant asks judge to punish porn troll for lying to the court View all – Every time we think Prenda Law can’t get in any more hot water, the firm behind dozens of mass copyright lawsuits proves us wrong” – []
  • US Cellular to sell the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 soon – “The ninjas at US Cellular seem to have confirmed that the regional carrier would soon be carrying the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1″ – []
  • “IPad 5” rumor suggests new form factor similar to iPad mini – “The iPad 5 is expected to ditch its fat bezels and more closely resemble the iPad mini (above)” – []
  • When it makes sense not to upgrade to iPhone 5 – “Not everyone upgrades to the latest model of a mobile device as soon as it’s released. In the case of Apple’s iPhone, users can currently choose between the iPhone 5 and earlier models like the 4S and the 4″ – []

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