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A more confident Obama emerges for second term – and top links

January 21, 2013

We’re speaking about companies (Facebook), people (Barack Obama) and everything else in between.

OK, the links are:

– “This rings particularly true for younger generations accustomed to sharing liberally across various social networks, and it’ll only get worse with Facebook‘s Graph Search” – [FaceWash helps you remove profanities from your Facebook profile –]

– Hundreds of animals seized at Ohio man’s home – “CLEVELAND, Ohio – Humane society members wearing protective masks removed nearly 300 animals including pigeons, chickens and rabbits from an Ohio man’s reeking house this week” – []

– “Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google, hasshared extensive thoughts about his recent trip to North Korea which he attended alongside former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson, and others” – [Google’s Eric Schmidt calls for an open Internet as he lifts the lid on his visit to North Korea –]

– “Hostage death toll reaches 48 at Algeria gas plant – Algerian army trucks make their way on a road the gas plant where hostages were taken, deep in the Sahara desert in Algeria on Sunday” – []
– “In the days leading up to President Barack Obama’s reveal of his gun-violence proposals – a first chance to signal his intended path forward — no one was entirely sure what to expect” – [A more confident Obama emerges for second term –]


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